An Introduction…

Going to university and leaving home for the first time really taught me a lot about how hard it is to try and stay healthy as a student. This blog aims to help others, particularly students like myself, by providing healthier alternatives to some of our favourite recipes while giving some tips on the best (and cheapest) ways to stay fit and healthy.

My relationship with food has always been complicated. Until I was 8 I was allergic to nearly all animal protein. Having grown out of this, nearly three years ago, when I was 17, problems started to surface again. My favourite breakfast cereal started to make my face swell, other food I once ate nearly everyday staIMG_2174rted making me feel ill and problems progressed from there when I went to university. The change in diet with higher fatty foods, more alcohol and a generally less healthy lifestyle greatly affected me. Soon after my arrival I was diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). It occurs in 1 in 5 individuals and affects twice as many women as men. Different people are triggered by different foods and after a few months it became clear to me that all dairy products did not agree with my body. So, I decided to give up dairy.

Shortly after this decision I found my symptoms hugely cleared up. Although it did take me a full year to properly say goodbye to cheese, I have finally given up all dairy for good and I feel so much be
tter. My friends still can’t quite believe I haven’t had a Pizza in 7 months.

This experience is what has lead me to create this website. All content is created with my mum who actually suffers from lactose intolerance. As a result we have really enjoyed experimenting with different ways to make dairy-free cakes and recipes together (and you honestly can’t tell the difference). We also are both very conscious about trying to stay healthy and active but find it hard to give up treats every now and again, so our recipes help us to keep some healthy treats in our diet.

Hopefully our blog and website will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enabling you to keep eating foods you love.

I hope you enjoy our website and in the coming months look forward to some exciting new developments!