Why Instagram loves Maca

In the last year, Maca has been making an increasing number of appearances around the internet. But why? What is so great about it? Lots have people have asked me, expecting that I would know but embarrassingly I’ve always had to say I have no clue. So I decided to do some research.IMG_2248

What is this miracle Maca?

Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) is a plant which originates from the high Andes in Peru. The nutritional value of Maca has on average 60-75% carbohydrate, 10-14% protein, 8.5% dietary fire and 2.2% fats. It is rich in so many different nutrients, particularly calcium and potassium. So if you have a diet low in dairy like me, or a vegan diet then it might be good for you to start having some Maca as you may be finding it difficult to consume enough calcium.

But what does it do?

1) Improves sexual Function

Maca helps to balance hormones and acts as an aphrodisiac to help increase your libido. It also works to increase fertility.

2) Boosts Energy

Athletes also have Maca to improve energy levels and boost performance. As well as this it is thought alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. So why not replace your morning coffee with a Maca smoothie?

3) Balances your hormones

If you are more prone to getting migraines, having Maca daily could help alleviate these issues, as frequently an imbalance of hormones is a cause for recurrent headaches. In a similar way, it can help those who suffer from high stress by helping to reduce the effects of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ on the internal organs and mental wellbeing. Studies have also found that Maca may help to lower high blood pressure too.

4) Helps with Healing

Zinc is a key element in Maca which is linked to wound healing, so it will benefit your skin by ridding it of marks from cuts or even blemishes from spots or acne. So why not try adding some Maca to your diet? Zinc is present in many different foods, particularly red meats and seafood so if you do not eat these often it may be a good idea to add some Maca into your diet.

5) Enhances your Immune System

Maca contains natural Vitamin C, as well as zinc, both which are thought to help boost immunity, protecting you from illness and improving your general wellbeing. Even more reason to add it in your morning bowl of porridge or smoothie.

You can find loads of great recipes and ways to get it in your diet. I don’t have any I think are good enough to share yet but as soon as I do, expect a post! Hope this helps explain why the internet has gone so crazy about Maca.

– See more at: https://www.wellbeingnetwork.com/en/post/5-reasons-to-be-maca-mad


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